Dr. Tracie Lux, DSW, LCSW, NCG

Clinical & Forensic Social Work | Aging Care Services

Certified Life Coach & Strategist

Are you ready to turn your dreams into reality? 

A Life Coach can empower you to make positive changes, think bigger, and dare you to achieve more than you’ve ever thought possible! So many of us struggle with life challenges but don’t always know how to get ‘unstuck.’ Sometimes it just takes fresh perspective, insight, or problem-solving to inspire transformation, but mostly, the answers lie within each of us.

What personal, professional, or wellness goals would you like to achieve?

Coaching is a partnership designed to facilitate the development of goals and a plan for achieving those goals. Life is a sport in many ways; success often depends on teamwork, self-discipline, commitment, and setting high realistic goals. As a former athlete, I recognize that the mental skills developed in your sport or chosen activity can also be applied to everyday life. Whether it’s a competitive arena, a school/work environment, or a relationship—I’d be honored to help you gain clarity about where you are currently and where you want to be.

Though I have multiple degrees—I credit my hardships, struggles, and life experiences as invaluable tools for coaching others. I am a tenacious and free-spirited person who does not give up easily. As well, I believe in the power of resiliency and hope, and it is this manner of perseverance that can break down barriers to facilitate growth. So, together, let’s explore your values and strategize to maximize your full potential so that you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE!